WienGo‘s mission is to demonstrate Vienna Life as it is. Our goal is to build global social networks of like-minded people who fight for democracy, and freedom using the power of Twitter and Facebook.

WienGo Team

Irena David has specialized in creating and publishing daily original street photos and videos of Vienna’s life on Facebook and Instagram since 2014.

Irena documents Vienna as it is. Since 2020, she develops and grows social and collaborative networks of like-minded friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Josef David is a seasoned digital strategist and digital business platform creator for B2B.  Owner at RapidKnowHow .Josef specialises in creating and transforming breakthrough business models by solving challenging business problems on-demand while thriving political processes using non-violent actions.

Since 2020, Josef has specialized in the critical analysis of the causes of the Covid Plandemic and develops breakthrough strategies to transform the Covid dictatorship into a humane, sustainable democracy